People who want to vote by mail for the federal election have less than a week left to apply

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As Canadians prepare to vote in the September 20th federal election, there may be more interest in mail-in voting thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Anyone wishing to use mail-in voting must apply online or contact an Elections Canada Office by Tuesday, September 14th by 6 p.m.

Elections Canada Regional Media Advisor Dugald Maudsley explains a voting kit will be mailed to the voter, who will fill out a special ballot and then mail it back to Elections Canada.

"You can send it back to us with the self-addressed envelop that's there, you can courier it back if you have any nervousness about it getting back on time, or if you want to you can take that ballot to your Elections Canada office in person and even drop it off at your polling place on election day if you want to."

The ballots cast by people in their electoral district must be returned to Elections Canada by the end of the close of polls on election day. For people who are travelling away from their electoral district, the ballots must arrive in Ottawa by 6 p.m. on election day.

Maudsley says the results of the mail-in voting may take some time, maybe even a couple of days.

"Those votes have to be checked out first to make sure you are who you say you are and that the ballot does belong to you, and that process won't begin until the next morning after the election and it can take up to a day to do that confirmation process, and then those ballots will be counted like all other ballots, by hand."

Elections Canada will publicly provide details on the percentage of votes cast by mail for each electoral district.

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