People with AstraZeneca vaccine not allowed at Springsteen Broadway show

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Canadians who received an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine dose are worried as some American events will not acknowledge their vaccinated status.

Bruce Springsteen is getting ready to reopen his Broadway show next week, but only people vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson and Johnson doses will be allowed in the theatre.

Theatre officials say, at the direction of New York State, only vaccines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration will be recognized, which does not include the AstraZeneca shot.

There is an exception for people under 16, who only need to show a negative COVID-19 test result.

Ontario's Solicitor General Sylvia Jones says the province is working with other governments to ensure all people who received a Health Canada approved vaccine, including AstraZeneca, will have the same rights as people who received the mRNA vaccines.

Although travel between Canada and the US remains restricted, Canadians are worried rules barring AstraZeneca recipients could still be in place when travel does open up again.