Pig Save members to defy new trespass law

Pig save

Members of Toronto's Pig Save will defy a new provincial law that goes into effect today preventing protestors from stopping or interfering with vehicles transporting animals.

In a release, members say they will hold their regular vigil today outside Fearmans Pork in Burlington despite the new trespass law.
Pig Save co founder, Anita Krajnc says "This unconstitutional ag-gag law adds a new layer of secrecy to exploitative farm practices by criminalizing protest, whistle-blowers and journalists. Bill 156 specifically targets the kind, compassionate citizens of Ontario who vowed not to look away, but to reach out to those who suffer. We have no choice but to redouble our efforts and continue to fight for those who have no voice.”

Earlier this summer, a member of the group, Regan Russell died after she was struck by a truck at the slaughterhouse during a protest.