Plan in place to remove PCBs from former GM St. Catharines site


Concerns surrounding the former GM property in St. Cathairnes continue with news this week that the level of PCBs around the property remain high.

Peter’s Construction Group was one company hired to help tackle the clean-up of the Ontario Street property.

Stuart Randle from Peter's tells CKTB's 'The Drive' host Walter Sendzik, that they have a plan to target any runoff water from the site possibly containing the the chemical.

He says they will shut off the sewers that take water from the site, and then create an on-site storage system for the rain water in a 100-year storm pond, and then treat that water.

Randle says they will then submit samples of the treated water to the Ministry, Niagara Region, and the city.

He says employees of Peter's Construction Group not only work in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region, they live here, and want what's best for the community.

The ministry says more needs to be done to stop PCB's from going into the storm water, however based on the sampling Niagara Public Health believe there is no increased risk to those around the area.

PCBs were manufactured domestically from 1929 until manufacturing was banned in 1979.

They have a range of toxicity and could lead to health issues if consumed by people.