PM's pause makes headlines

Trudeau 2

It is becoming the pause heard around the world.

During his morning briefing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not speak for  21 seconds yesterday when asked to comment on  President Donald Trump's handling of protesters in the United States.

Rather than offer an immediate answer, the question was met with silence.

 After a few seconds, Trudeau opened his mouth slightly, but did not speak. 

Finally, Trudeau spoke.

"We all watch in horror and consternation what’s going on in the United States," he said.

"It is a time to pull people together, but it is a time to listen, it is a time to learn what injustices continue despite progress over years and decades. But it is a time for us as Canadians to recognize that we too have our challenges, that black Canadians and racialized Canadians face discrimination as a lived reality every single day."