Polar vortex to bring in cold Mother's Day weekend

Mothers day

It's May and the last thing we are thinking about is the dreaded polar vortex, but according to the Weather Network, the vortex is bringing some unseasonably cold temperatures our way.

Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton says the core of the polar vortex is streaking across Nunavut, roughly 4,000 kilometres away but a disruption in the westerly flow is bringing chilly weather to Ontario.

Not only that, Hamilton says some snow is possible.

He predicts this year’s snowfall threat will ramp up by Thursday for northern Ontario and by Friday for southern Ontario adding it will also spill into the weekend with continuous threats of snow and rounds of graupel across the Great Lakes Basin.

In case you were wondering graupel is also called soft hail or snow pellets, either way its wet and its cold.