Police and by-law officers break up party at Airbnb in Niagara Falls Saturday night


A party at an Airbnb was broken up in Niagara Falls on Saturday night.

Niagara Regional Police were called out to a home in the Stamford and Victoria Ave. area at around 8p.m. by local by-law officers asking for assistance.

Mayor Jim Diodati tells CKTB they shut down the major Airbnb operation where 18 youths from the GTA had gathered.

"We are fed up with this kind of thing."

There's no word on if any fines were issued, but Diodati says if people are coming to Niagara to blatantly break COVID-19 rules, they will be fined.

Regional Chair Jim Bradley agrees, saying councillors have made it clear that the time for education is over, and it's now time for enforcing the rules.