Police investigating damage to PRIDE flag in Lincoln

PRIDE flag May -31

Niagara police  are looking for suspects in a potentially hate-based incident in Lincoln.

Police responded to a report of mischief at Trinity United Church on William Street after the PRIDE flag was discovered on the ground near the flagpole.  The rope to the flag post had been cut and the flag ripped up.

An investigation determined the damage occurred May 27 just before 10:00 p.m.

Video footage shows five people on the property with three "interacting" with the flagpole.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident or suspects to contact them.

They're also asking residents, businesses and commercial properties) in the area with closed circuit security cameras, doorbell video cameras, or dash cameras are asked to review their footage for suspicious activity for the period between 9:00PM and 11:59PM on May 27.