Police to conduct 20th annual Back to School Safety blitz

Back to school

Niagara Regional Police Service will be out patrolling school zones across the Niagara Region on Tuesday, in order to remind drivers school is back in session.

Police note, following a prolonged absence due to COVID-19 closures, there will be a marked change on the Region’s roadways with school buses, pedestrians and vehicles making their return for another school year.

And they would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the need to follow the rules of the road for everyone’s safety.

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, officers ranging from the Chief of Police to divisional detectives will also be reassigned from their daily duties in order to participate in the 20th annual Back to School safe driving blitz.

Officers will be paying close attention to school zones and their posted speed limits, child restraint systems, school bus safety, aggressive driving and distracted driving concerns.

In addition, the NRPS Traffic Enforcement Unit continues to partner with Niagara Student Transportation Services (NSTS) in regards to Video Surveillance on school buses.

A stop arm violation, or failure to stop for a school bus when the red overhead flashing lights are on and the stop arm is deployed is reported to the NRPS for further investigation.