Poll shows dissatisfaction with Trudeau and Liberal government

Justin Trudeau (CTV)

A new poll suggests almost two in three Canadians have a negative impression of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and half want him to resign before the next election.
The Leger poll for The Canadian Press suggests widespread dissatisfaction with the Liberal government on everything from housing affordability and inflation to health care, government spending and climate change.
While affordability, housing and public debt are higher on the reasons people want Trudeau to go, one in five people surveyed say they want him to resign simply because they are ``just tired of him.''
More than one in four respondents said they think Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre would make the best prime minister compared with about one in six who say that of Trudeau.
The poll was taken online in Canada over three days this month and cannot be assigned a margin of error because online polls are not considered truly random samples.
 It comes after months of unfavourable poll numbers for Trudeau and the Liberals, who have just passed the eighth anniversary of their 2015 election win.