Port Colborne mayor calls for more medical cannabis grower oversight

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Port Colborne's mayor wants more control on medical cannabis growers.

Mayor Bill Steele says city officials don't actually know how many medical growers there are within the city, but they suspect at least 5.

Steele says the issue is not with commercial cannabis growers, but with growers collecting multiple licences from Health Canada.

"They're given a medical licence by the doctor - there's privacy issues and health issues and things like that that nobody wants to discuss, which is fine, but if they want to be a commercial [grower] where they are growing thousand of plants, then we should have a say in this."

Health Canada medical cannabis licences allow a grower to cultivate 500 plants, but growers can have up to four licences at a time.

Steele believes some of the operations may be using the licences to cover illegal growing.

He says large growing operations should not be premitted in residential neighbourhoods.

"If they are going to be treated like agriculture, that is what they are deemed under the Agriculture Act, there should be rules that they've got to have the smell, the sounds, the lighting - all those types of rules need to be put in place no different than a commercial grow op."

Steele has written a letter to Health Canada, asking it to update legislation to provide more oversight.

Click here to listen to Steele's full interview with Tim Denis.