Port Colborne's mayor responds to concerns about crime

CKTB - NEWS - Breakwall Brewing Break-In

Port Colborne residents are raising concerns about crime in the community after a local business owner posted photos of a man allegedly breaking into local businesses.

Owner of Breakwall Brewing Fred Davies posted photos of a man in a hoodie on Facebook over the weekend with the caption, "Several businesses have had break-ins over the past few nights. Does anyone recognize this guy? Heavier set and knew how to avoid some security levels by staying low, breaking glass and not opening door."

The break in occurred at a neighbouring restaurant. 

Residents were quick to respond, expressing concerns about the rate of crime in the city.

Although several commenters tried to pin the blame on a lack of police patrols, Davies pointed out officers responded "immediately after a call was made to 911."

Mayor Bill Steele has also responded after a 610 CKTB listener asked him what his plans were to combat 'the out of control crime in Port Colborne.'

"I really don't think it's out of control. We have our share of it. Certain issues rise more than others from time to time, but in the city of Port Colborne we don't. We have a great police detachment there."

He also mentioned the latest Niagara Regional Police Operating Budget includes money to hire 40 more front line officers across the region.

The budget still needs to be approved by Regional council.

Steele also urged Port Colborne residents to contact police if they have concerns, "Don't walk away and say police don't do anything when you don't tell us what's going on. If we have a neighbourhood that's having issues, let us know!"

Courtesy Fred Davies on Facebook

Courtesy Fred Davies on Facebook