Port Colborne strongly recommends staff be double vaccinated with policy on the way

scott luey

Port Colborne Council has approved a COVID-19 vaccine policy for staff, students, volunteers, and members of Council.

In a unanimous vote, council approved creating a vaccine policy and asked staff to present a finalized document at the next council meeting in a closed session. 

The policy will require those who have not been fully vaccinated or who have chosen not to disclose their vaccination status, or have not provided proof of medical or Human Rights Code exemption to complete an education session, wear extra PPE, and get tested for COVID regularly.

If staff members are required to self-isolate due to a potential COVID exposure outside of the workplace, they must use unpaid, banked vacation, or lieu time, and/or be redeployed to a different work location if necessary.

Council says it strongly recommends staff be double vaccinated.

The next council meeting is September 27th.

“This vaccination policy will add another layer of protection to the workplace,” said Scott Luey, CAO. “Throughout the pandemic, senior leadership has made – at times, difficult – decisions to protect the health and safety of staff and residents. We are always thinking of ways to limit the potential spread of the virus. This is evident in current policies and procedures, including wearing proper PPE, screening prior to entering a City facility, working remotely, and keeping various City facility buildings closed.”