Premier accused of putting politics before science

FORD masked

People living in Halton region were preparing yesterday for the province to order them back to a modified Stage 2 of its pandemic response, but the announcement never came.

And that has people wondering, if politics is being put before science, after a group of Halton mayors sent the premier a letter asking him to keep the region open for business.

Doug Ford says while he does have to put health and safety first he also has to weigh the impact on small business owners.

And he adds local politicians have always had a say.

Ford admits he told the Mayor of Oakville and a local MPP to send the letter of opposition to the province's top doctor to give him "something to go by."

Dr. David Williams did say yesterday that Halton is ``on the border line'' and he'll be watching the COVID numbers closely in the coming days before determining whether to send the region back to Stage 2.

Also yesterday, the province's chief associate medical officer of health, when asked a question about regional shutdowns, told reporters the outbreak at SpinCo in Hamilton may have started when someone visited a Toronto bar and contracted the virus.

There are now 85 cases of COVID associated with the SpinCo outbreak.