Province announces more money for PSW's in Ontario

CKTB-News- PSW Shortage

The Ontario government announcing some temporary wage enhancements for personal support workers (PSWs) in the province. 

The province is investing $461 million dollars to help support workers in long term care homes and community care, long term and public hospitals, and social services sectors. 

It's hope the move will help the province attract and retain the workforce needed to care for patients, clients and residents in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The province is providing a temporary wage increase effective today and running until March of 2021 to over 147,000 workers who deliver publicly funded personal support services. 

An extra $3 dollars an hour to PSW's in homes and community settings and an extra $2 an hour to the PSW's in public hospitals. 

The temporary wage enhancement will be reviewed on a regular basis and could extend through the end of March. 

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