Provincial government offering free, paid IT training for young people in Niagara

CKTB - NEWS - IT Training announcement August 05 2021

The provincial government is spending $2 million to offer more than 90 youth in Niagara Region free, paid training for IT jobs.

The Town of Lincoln is partnering with CivicConnect to offer the training to people between 15 -29 years old.

Some of the skills that will be taught include IT marketing, web development, and systems administration in addition to soft skills such as communication, decision-making, and teamwork.

Participants will take part in five weeks of in-class training at the Youth Skills Studio in Beamsville followed by a 10 week job placement at one of 75 small to medium-sized businesses in Lincoln and throughout the region.

Virtual training will also be available for people who require childcare supports to work from home.

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton appeared in Lincoln for the announcement. "It's partnerships like these that lead to real progress," he said. "You recognize that our youth are Ontario's future."

CAO Mike Kirkopoulos says it is the largest non-infrastructure related investment in Lincoln's history and called it 'a game changer.'

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton says the pandemic has shown businesses are in need of digital innovation and education. "This initiative will allow us to support our local businesses in facing this changing COVID-19 landscape, prepare youth for job opportunities and build upon Lincoln's vision to be a place to grow, prosper and belong."

The first wave of training is already in progress with additional sessions taking place September 13th - December 24th and January 10th - April 22nd. Participants are paid approximately $10,000 during the program.

Anyone interested in taking part in the upcoming sessions can email