PSW's earn $5 more an hour in long-term care roles than they do when providing home care


Home Care Ontario says the provincial government's bid to bolster nursing home staffing levels is draining personal support workers from its organizations.

The group, which represents 50 home care service providers across the province, says there are several factors pulling workers out of community care settings and into long-term care homes.

Chief among them is the fact that P-S-W's earn about five dollars an hour more in long-term care roles than they do when providing home care.

Home Care Ontario C-E-O Sue VanderBent says the situation is creating a crisis in the field and will hurt service delivery.

The group is calling on the province to close the wage gap between long-term care and home care workers in the provincial budget expected later this month.

The province's long-term care sector has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where thousands of residents have died and staffing levels have dramatically declined.

A spokesman for Ontario's Ministry of Health says the government has included the home care sector in its efforts to recruit more personal support workers.

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