Quintin Bingley's mother speaks out asking for the community's support

quintin 2

Not your average teenager.

Quintin Bingley had a 90% average, played the piano, and was looking forward to attending York University in the fall for computer sciences.

The 18 year old, who is set to graduate from Governor Simcoe High School in just a few days has been missing for three painful weeks.

He was last seen by friends after being dropped off at his home in St.Catharines on May 25th at around 11:30 pm.

His mother Sandra joining CKTB talking about his disappearance saying this is a very tough time for the Bingley family.

She says she just lost her mother to cancer and nothing can prepare you for a situation like this.

Sandra says nothing out of the ordinary was happening in Quintin's life and there were no warning signs that he was in trouble or needed help.

She says his dad took him out for dinner the night he disappeared, his girlfriend came over for a visit, and then he went out with friends for a bit but was dropped off at 11:30pm.

According to Sandra, his three friends were the last people to see him, and Quintin told his friends he was going to bed.

His cellphone and wallet were found inside his home.

Sandra says he had plans to go play paint ball on Saturday, and she noticed he was missing during the day.

She says she got up and went to the Rankin Run to pay tribute to her late mother and then she started texting Quintin to see if he was awake and needed her car to head to work in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

She didn't get a response.

Sandra says the investigation continues, and their family has hired a private investigator.

She says the latest development is that cameras on Lock One along the canal spotted a blurry image of a person walking on Bunting turning west on Lakeshore.

She says while they don't know if the figure is Quintin, police and the investigator are now focused on that area asking anyone with surveillance video to take a look at the evening of May 25th and the early morning hours of Saturday May 26th.

With Quintin set to graduate in just a few days, the Principal at the school has organized to issue a diploma to his parents if he isn't found by then.

Sandra says Quintin was an incredible person and any help finding him is appreciated.

A Gofund me page has been set up to help pay for the private investigator and billboards set up to help raise awareness.

Sandra says she misses her son terribly and just wants to hear the sound of him playing the piano through the house again.