Region set to select Chair for 2018-2022 term

CKTB _ NEWS - Region HQ

Today's the day we find out who will take the reigns for Niagara Region's new council.

At 10 a.m. councillors will be selecting the chair. 

So far the only candidates are Jim Bradley of St. Catharines and Lincoln's Rob Foster.

Leanna Villella from Welland has not publicly declared her intention, but is rumoured to be among those who will put her name forward. 

Speaking earlier this week to CKTB Villella said she had been approached by other councillors to run and she was honoured and humbled by their support. 

However, she said she was planning to wait and see who else would seek the position before making any final decision. 

The vote to select the Regional Chair is done by secret vote, however St. Catharines Regional Councillor-Elect  Laura Ip tweeting out that she will be making a motion to have today's vote for chair be done in open council.