Regional councillor hopes police find wrongdoing in CAO hiring scandal

investigation graphic 2

Niagara police are still waiting for the official request from Regional Council to investigate a report on the corrupt hiring of a former CAO.

The ombudsman released his report "Inside Job" which  concludes the 2016 hiring of  Carmen D'Angelo was "unjust" and "wrong."

Police say once they receive the request , they will determine if they are the appropriate service to investigate or another service should do it.

The concern is real or perceived conflicts of interest.

Regional Councillor Brian Heit believes  it will likely go to the OPP to investigate.

In an interview with CKTB's Matt Holmes, Heit says "hopefully police will find some wrongdoing."

In the meantime,  he says  it's going to take some time for Niagara to regain its reputation



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