Roll up the Rim to Win is going digital

CKTB-News- Roll up the Rim

Tim Hortons is preparing to launch a revamped "Roll up the Rim" with an environmental angle to it.

After taking heat that the annual contest encourages people to buy more unrecyclable Tim's cups,  the chain has come up with a unique twist with an online component.

The contest will launch as per usual, on March 11th, with consumers buying cups in order to roll up the rim and win a prize.

But starting on March 10th, Timmy's will be giving away 1.8 million reusable cups.

Buy a coffee using one of those cups and you get three rolls to win a prize on the Tim Horton's app.

If you don't use a reusable cup, you get to roll up the rim and get one roll on the app.

For the final two weeks, the contest will be digital only.