Safety Council suggests putting something in the backseat with your child to prevent tragic deaths

everett smith

The Canada Safety Council says about three children die in the country each year after being left in hot cars.

The council is speaking out following the death of a 23-month-old boy from Bancroft, ON, who was left in his mom's car last week while she was teaching high school.

Manager of National Projects at the Canada Safety Council, Lewis Smith, tells CKTB's Tom McConnell that these kinds of deaths are accidental and usually happen when parents change their routine.

"I'm sure this woman didn't go to school thinking I'm going to leave my child in my car. It was not part of her daily routine." 

His mother meant to drop Everett off at daycare in the morning but accidentally left him in the car while she went to work at North Hastings High School. He was discovered shortly before 4 p.m.

Smith advises caregivers to put something in the backseat with a child such as office keys, or a work bag.

He says there are now apps available for parents to remind them to check their backseats. 

He also suggests that daycares or schools could call parents if the child doesn't arrive on time as usual.