Scammers remain active during COVID-19

CKTB - News - Phone Scam

The OPP and Niagara Regional Police are warning of an uptick in scams as people spend more time online.

The OPP are warning of 'harvest' websites that trick victims into sharing personal information by capitalizing on COVID-19 fears.

Some of these websites can look like legitimate health care providers.

Meanwhile the NRP say they are seeing a resurgence in common scams such as the Sextortion Scam where a victim receives an email that their computer has been hacked and compromising photos have been obtained and will be released unless the scammer is paid.

NRP officials say they are also getting reports of a Puppy Scam where websites and online posts claim to be selling puppies, but once money is sent the seller disappears.

Officials warn residents to be wary of anyone buying or selling items online and alway opt for reputable online payment processors.