Scheer says he never mentioned his dual Canadian-American citizenship because he was never asked

Andrew Scheer

The federal election campaign trail is buzzing with revelations that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer holds dual Canadian-American citizenship.

Scheer says he never mentioned it because no one ever asked him about it.

A spokesman for Scheer told reporters that he started the process to renounce his U-S citizenship before the election campaign kicked off.

As an M-P in 2005, Scheer published a blog post about Michaelle Jean, a few weeks before she was sworn in as Governor General, asking his constituents how they felt about her dual citizenship, without mentioning his own.

Scheer will be in Ontario today

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau starts off his day of campaigns stops in Quebec City, N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh takes his quest for votes to Saskatoon, then Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Green Leader Elizabeth May will be on Vancouver Island.