Senior officer who golfed with Vance steps aside from role

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A senior military officer who recently golfed with former defence chief Jonathan Vance is stepping aside from his role, but not from the Armed Forces overall.

Lt.-Gen. Mike Rouleau says in a statement that he is leaving his position as vice-chief of the defence staff immediately.

He says he will join the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group, which helps members shift into civilian life.

Rouleau and Royal Canadian Navy commander Vice-Admiral Craig Baines had faced criticism for teeing off with Vance, who is under military police investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct.

Rouleau says he was reaching out to a retired member of the Armed Forces to ``ensure his wellness,'' but he understands how the activity ``could lead some to perceive a potential conflict of interest and controversy.''

But he says ``nothing can be further from the truth'' and that he is sorry.