Several people connected to social service programs after St. Catharines encampment broken up

CKTB - NEWS - Homeless

Several people have been transitioned to shelter programs after a large homeless encampment was broken up in St. Catharines.

The city first became aware of the camp along Twelve Mile Creek after an email from a developer.

St. Catharines Councillor Mat Siscoe asks for compassion from the community saying some members of the public 'speak about these human beings like trash.'

"You're dealing with people who have had a difficult life. You don't wind up living in an encampment along Twelve Mile Creek unless some very serious problems have happened in your life and we need to try and work with these people to get them some help."

He also points out the difficult nature of the problem.

"Simply saying, 'Okay, everybody's got to move along.' Well they wind up in other areas, causing other issues, and you're not actually dealing with the problem. You're just trying to slap a very insignificant Band-Aid on what is a massive societal problem."

Of the seven people who were still living in the encampment, six have been connected with shelter services, and staff are still working with the other person.