Should St. Catharines firefighters be allowed to pose topless in charity calendar?


Big changes may be coming to some calendars in St. Catharines.

Firefighters in the city have been told to cover up when posing for the annual calendar and not to go topless.

Fire Chief Jeff McCormick sent an email out last month saying the decision was made following a discussion with city officials, noting that posing shirtless goes against their core values.

Councillor Matt Harris joined CKTB saying he would like the discussion to be brought before council so they can decide as a group whether or not the firefighters can bare their chests.

Harris says 'it's very bizarre, like we just have to figure it out. If someone has complained, who did you gauge the complaint and how did you decide this was an issue'.

The calendars are usually sold for $10 and proceeds benefit the firefighters and other local charities.