Socio-economic factors and sex play big role predicting COVID-19 readmissions

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A new study offers a closer look at possible factors that may lead to some hospitalized COVID-19 patients being readmitted within a month of discharge.
At roughly nine per cent, researchers say the readmission rate is similar to other ailments, but socio-economic factors and sex seem to play a bigger role in predicting who declines further after leaving hospital.
Research published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal looked at more than 46 thousand adults hospitalized for COVID-19 in Alberta and Ontario during the first part of the pandemic.
About 18 per cent died in hospital between January 2020 and October 2021, which was higher than the norm for other respiratory tract infections.
Among those sent home, about nine per cent returned to hospital within 30 days of leaving, while two per cent died.
Co-author Dr. Finlay McAlister of the University of Alberta says returning patients tended to be male, older, and have multiple comorbidities and previous hospital visits and admissions.
He says a scoring system used by hospitals to predict readmission was more accurate when it included a patient's sex and socio-economic background.