Some garbage changes begin this week in Niagara

Niagara Region

Some loosening of garbage restrictions in Niagara kick in Monday. 

Starting tomorrow you can now put 5 bags/cans of leaf and yard waste out, it had been restricted to three since March.  

Catherine Habermebl, Niagara's Director of Waste Management says they had to restrict things for a variety of reasons. 

"With everyone home and having time on their hands and some nice weather we started to see large volumes of garden waste at the curb and during the month of March our collectors are not prepared for that type of volume"

She says some staff had to go into self isolation and child care challenges cropped up due to schools being closed, adding the region had to make changes quickly to deal with issues that arose from the pandemic. 

One thing that isn't returning yet is big item pick up.  

That was also suspended in March and Habermebl says that restriction will remain in place till the end of this month and then they'll reassess. 

The region plans to return the drop-off depot and landfills to full service next Wednesday.