Some Niagara restaurants only serving local residents, asking for proof of residency


Some Niagara restaurants are only serving customers who are local residents.

Romby's Tavern & Smoke house in St. Catharines has announced they will require proof of Niagara residency to dine-in. 

The Lake Street restaurant says they are encouraging residents from hot spots to eat local for now and support businesses in their own backyard.

You can see a statement from the business below.

Last week the province ordered restaurants in hot spot areas to only offer take-out.

Some Niagara residents have voiced concerns over Toronto and Peel residents coming to Niagara to eat and visit - possibly spreading the virus.

Romby’s took the decision to only offer dine-in to Niagara residents at this time for many reasons and we’d like to thank CKTB 610 for the opportunity to provide our point of view.
 As a family business, we, and many of our staff members have children back at schools in the area. We have parents and grandparents and many customers that are over retirement age and therefore in the higher risk bracket. We felt like it was the right thing to do for our families, our staff and our customers and the people that they come into contact with.
 There is a concern about people from hotspot areas making their way to surrounding areas that are still open. We would like to urge them to stay within their areas at the moment and support their local businesses that are relying on them to order takeout. Those businesses need their help to get through this.
 We are aware that its definitely not a fool-proof plan and that it will not entirely prevent the spread of the virus but if it even reduces the chances slightly then we want to take that initiative.
 Another shutdown would be catastrophic for many businesses so at Romby’s, we want to take any steps necessary to stop Niagara being next on the list of further restrictions.
 We are also aware that it may not be a popular decision with some people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but for Romby’s it feels like the right thing to do. 
 This time will pass and we will be able to celebrate with all of our friends throughout the province and the world once again but for now let’s do what we can to keep each other safe. We are thankful for the front-line workers that have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic. And please, if you can, help our local charities such as Community Care that are dealing with higher than usual demands for necessary items.
  Romby’s would like to wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving.