Some people in Toronto are still digging out from the winter storm

The City of Toronto says they continue to dig out from last weeks heavy snowfall.

Some areas of the city saw 55 cm fall, and Barbara Gray, General Manager of transportation services says digging out has been a "24/7 job."

Many citizens in the city are still trying to dig out.

On a street with snow drifts more than a meter high, Kaitlin Morris-Cornfield is finally digging her car out. 

"My hope (was) like maybe it would just melt. I feel Iike it's going to be here for awhile," she says. 

The car is parked on the road, with snow piled up on all sides and on the roof. Morris-Cornfield has to use a shovel before turning and throwing the snow on a nearby lawn. 

"I don't know where to put the snow," she says, adding "I don't want to put it on the road and I don't want to put it on the sidewalk, it's like where does this go?"

Some areas of the city are still experiencing snow covered roads more than a week after the storm. 

Steve Hilditch is scraping the sidewalk that wraps around his corner lot. He isn't surprised that there is still work to be done. 

"It's a city with a lot of roads, a lot of sidewalks. It's tough to keep up when we get these big dumps of snow."

With few places for the snow to go, for some the work has been cleaning up after the plough. Laura Coulter-Smith's car has been parked on a side road near Roncessvales ave since the storm. 

"The snow plow had already pushed the snow all the way up the side of my car, so it was all the way up to the ceiling," she says. 

Coulter-Smith wanted to clear the snow today, just to be sure that her car would start. 

At a snow removal update from the city today, Gray said clearing every read will take some time. 

"We are running the biggest snow operation in the cities history, and we are responding to one of the biggest snow storms we ever had," she says. 

Gray says that the focus is on designated snow routes, priority roads, local roads, bridges, transit routes and safety zones. She says that they encourage the public to help the city find any area's that remain snow covered. 

"The best way to help us is to keep reporting issues through 311."

The city is hopeful that the next week of clear weather will allow them time to finish the job.