Some Welland landlords on the hook for fire code violations

CKTB-News-Fire code violations

Several building owners in Welland are facing hefty fines for fire code violations.

In one case, the owners of 53 Ontario Road, formerly known as the "Crowland Hotel", were fined $4,000 for failing to comply with a lengthy list of inspection orders.

Fire Department officials gave the orders last year and returned in December to ensure the changes had been made.

Instead they found more 'substantial fire safety risks' and were given authourization to close the building and remove all occupants.

Meanwhile, the owners of 51 Niagara Street also failed to bring things up to code following an inspection and were fined $2,000.

As well, the owners of 43 Shotwell Street have been fined $2,500 after fire officials say exit doors at the rooming house were screwed shut, and another homeowner has been placed on a year-long probation for repeated open-air burn complaints.