Special Education students in Niagara head back to inclass learning today

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Today marks the second week of online learning for Ontario's elementary students.  

It was supposed to be their first day back after the holiday break but that was postponed again late last week by the Ontario government.  

Elementary is now slated to resume when high school students head back to class on January 25th. 

However, in-class learning resumes today for Special Education programs at high schools for the District School Board of Niagara. 

OSSTF local union President Shannon Smith is unhappy about it saying the move puts everyone at risk. 

"This government is not listening to school boards, they're not consulting them. They're not talking to the representatives of education workers and they're not talking to front line workers who are being put at risk of transmission of COVID." 

In Niagara, select teachers who provide special education instruction and support are required, to resume in-person learning today.