Spooky finds in Canadian homes


Just in time for Halloween, the ghouls at JUSTJUNK have released a list of the spookiest items they have removed from Canadian basements and attics.

There was the human skeleton they called “Boney” that workers  picked up from a doctor’s office. 

Boney was over 200 years old, originated from India and was used by medical schools.

JUSTJUNK officials pointing out,  we've all seen enough horror movies with dolls to know how creepy they can be.  

One of their crews had to remove 400 dolls from the 1800's, all in one room, with human hair.

And they have also found a few old WWII shells in the past, each time calling in the bomb-squad to make sure things we’re a-okay, and making sure even a small nudge wouldn't set things off.