St Catharines candidates talk pandemic, housing, and more in CKTB debate

ryan and jennie

The first of our local candidate debates was held this morning with Tim Denis moderating the discussion.

Candidates for the the St. Catharines riding were first up. 

Liberal Ryan Madill and NDP Jennie Stevens taking part in the hour long discussion.


The two took aim at the provinces handling of the COVID-19 pandemic with Madill saying that the PC government failed, "The Ford conservatives handling of the pandemic was consistent with their approach to most other issues. They kept big box stores open while closing and neglecting small businesses, they send tests to private schools while denying them to public schools."

Stevens centred her attention to the governments record in long term care facilities, "Long term care was short staffed and overburdened, we saw people dying in our long term care."

Another major issue in the province is housing.

The pair each saying that something major needs to be done.

Stevens laid out a number of NDP plans, "Establish rent controls to ensure new tenants pay what the last tenant paid, and the NDP will definitely overhaul the landlord tenant board."

Madill also talked about some of the Liberal promises, "We will ban new non resident ownership, we will also tax empty homes, and put a use it or lose it levy on speculators with serviced land and approved building permits."

Talk between the Liberal and NDP candidates turned to which party is able to defeat the PC party. With Madill saying history is on the Liberal side, "The public is seeing very clearly that the alternative to the ford government is the Ontario liberal party. history in Ontario shows that it's liberals that beat conservatives in elections."

Stevens brought the discussion to the Liberals most recent reign in government, "You (voters) gave them 14 years to make sure that they could come with a costed plan, all we saw was our hydro skyrocket and our highways being sold off"

The two were the only candidates taking part after Progressive Conservative candidate Sal Sorrento declined an invitation to the debate.

Madill and Stevens took issue with that and Madill says, "I just know that in the real world if you don't show up for a job interview you are not getting the job."

Also running in St. Catharines are: Michele Braniff for the Green Party, Michael Goddard of the Ontario Party,  Libertarian Judi Falardeau, Keith McDonald for the New Blue Party, Justin O'Donnell for the Alliance, and Communist Rin Simon.

Tomorrow candidates from Niagara Centre will take the air for their debate at 9 a.m.