St. Catharines City Council recommends Mike Britton serve on Niagara Council

mike britton

St. Catharines City Council has recommended Mike Britton fill the Niagara Region Council seat left empty after George Darte's resignation.

At last night's meeting, councillors voted 9-1 to recommend Britton fill the seat as he was the next place finisher in the 2018 election.

Britton joined CKTB this morning saying once the recommendation is approved by Niagara Regional Council, he looks forward to hitting the ground running serving the people of St. Catharines.

He says his priorities are giving residents the option of tiny homes to tackle the affordable housing crisis, looking at procurement issues to improve accountability and save tax payers’ dollars, and working on the Regional Transit file.

Britton is a former city councillor, and is a self-proclaimed 'community advocate'.

Back in January, when councillors were dealing with the seat left vacant by the passing of Sandie Bellows, city council named Mat Siscoe for the regional seat- overlooking Britton.

Britton had his lawyer argue he was the rightful candidate.

Regional Council will have to approve the recommendation.

The municipal election is in October.