St. Catharines city council taking a closer look at cul-de-sac maintenance

CKTB - NEWS - Grass

St. Catharines city council will be trying to develop policy to govern how grass is cut on cul-de-sacs.

Councillors engaged in a lengthy discussion about the areas during last week's council meeting.

Councillor Greg Miller explains the budget committee removed the money to do the cutting back in December.

Adding to the confusion, he says some residents have been maintaining the cul-de-sacs in their neighbourhoods for years.

"Should we really be encouraging residents to hop out with heavy machinery on city property and whip around? What if they break their lawn mower? What if they hurt themselves? I've had a couple people call me and say, 'Wait a minute, I didn't know there were other people not cutting their circles. Why have I been doing it?'"

City staff will be looking into long term solutions to eliminate the need for maintenance, such as paving over the areas.

Miller says he will be bringing forward a motion at the next council meeting to reinstate some funding.