St. Catharines collecting feedback on development charges

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St. Catharines residents are being asked to give their opinion on development charges in the city.

Currently, St. Catharines is the only municipality in Niagara that does not have lower-tier development charges, a charge paid for by developers when they build in the city to help pay for new required infrastructure such as installing pipes and sewers for additional water services, putting more buses on the roads, and expansions to parks and recreation services to accommodate people moving to the city.

A study on the city's total capital projects that will drive growth in the city shows over the next 21 years the projects could cost $200 million in new infrastructure.

Approximately $59 million of that total could be funded by development charges.

The city is now collecting feedback from residents on how much the city should charge for development charges and potential exemptions.

Input collected through will be presented to council at a public meeting on July 12.