St. Catharines considering renaming Centennial Garden after Richard Pierpoint

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St. Catharines will begin exploring renaming Centennial Gardens in honour of one of Canada's most famous black loyalists.

Rochelle Bush of the Salem Chapel BME Church explained the significance of Richard Pierpoint's legacy during council last night.

She says he fought for the Crown during the American Revolutionary War, took up arms again in the War of 1812, and spent 40 years of his adult life in the St. Catharines area after receiving a parcel of land for his service that included parts of present day Centennial Gardens.

"Pretty much where the community garden is, the pavilion - that area there, and the little creek that runs through it. It was actually named after Pierpoint, but over the years that has been in dispute."

City staff have been directed to begin the public process to rename the park after Pierpoint.

Councillor Lori Littleton recommended renaming the park, but still paying homage to 'Centennial Gardens' by ensuring the pavilion still carries the name.

A formal decision has not been made to allow the public a chance to offer their input first.

A report is expected to come before council in about three months.