St. Catharines Council approves 2020 water budget, ratepayers to see slight increase


St. Catharines' finalized water and wastewater budget will have residents paying an additional $51 in the year ahead.

On Monday night, City Council approved the 2020 Water and Wastewater budget, which features $9.3 million in investments earmarked for the Garden City's water infastructure.

Breaking it down by the numbers, $6 million is allocated for watermain replacement, and $3.3 million is for sanitary sewer infrastructure replacement.

It is said to be the first steps of an updated 10-year water and wastewater financial plan.

Mayor Walter Sendzik says "clean, affordable drinking water is something every resident relies on, it is one of our core responsibilities,” and added “by looking to the future, and planning for changes, be it growth or the impacts of climate change, we are ensuring residents will always be able to turn on the taps and remain confident in what comes out.”

The budget also accounts for the completion of upgrades to household meters, with the final 850 automated water meters being installed through the ongoing Automated Meter Reading Project.