St. Catharines council asks hydro board to review compensation

CKTB - News - City Hall

St. Catharines Council is asking the St. Catharines Hyrdro Inc board to review director compensation.

Councillor Lori Littleton's motion originally called for the review to be done with the express purpose of removing remuneration starting with the 2022 - 2026 term of council.

A staff report shows three councillors are appointed to the board with directors receiving $6,456 per year and the chair getting $8,801 per year.

The directors and chair also receive $205 per meeting.

The total compensation in 2020 was $7,277 for directors and $9,622 for the chair.

Councillor Matt Harris, the board chair, says there is far more time spent working outside of meetings and said the staff report might not show the full story. 'I know I personally put in a lot more time than four meetings. I spend numerous hours at the generating station, reviewing all the invoices, signing all the cheques, so I'm a little bit insulted about the idea that that's what's paid for four meetings," he explained. He also noted there have been some savings over the years by reducing the board size and through other projects, such as reviewing the spillway gates.

The motion was amended to remove the stipulation that the review be done with the express purpose of removing remuneration, but the board is still being asked to take a look at the compensation system.