St. Catharines council earmarks land for affordable housing

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St. Catharines council has earmarked land on Geneva Street for affordable housing.

During this week's meeting councillors declared the land at 320 Geneva Street surplus.

Councillor Kevin Townsend explains some conditions for the property: "When it does go out for [Request for Proposals] it will include one-third social housing, one-third rent-geared-to-income, and one-third market value. So that way we are at least addressing the need that we have in St. Catharines."

Townsend adds the Geneva Street location was seen as an ideal spot due to the proximity of amenities at the Fairview Mall.

"There's a bus stop in the Fairview Mall, you've got groceries, you've got your banks. So it's the location that we thought was just so unique and that's one of the reasons that we looked at it. We said this is a perfect, prime location where we can have housing for those who need housing because it's close to all those amenities."

According to Niagara Regional Housing the wait time for affordable housing in St. Catharines last year ranged from 3-and-a-half years for a two bedroom home for a family to 13 years for a single person looking for a one bedroom unit.