St. Catharines council votes to include apartments and condos in mask by-law

CKTB - NEWS - COVID-19 elevator apartment

St. Catharines council has beefed up the city's mandatory face covering by-law to include apartment buildings and other spaces.

Councillors officially voted to extend the by-law to common areas in apartment buildings, condos, hotels, motels, and other accommodations during a special meeting yesterday.

Those common areas include lobbies, elevators, and laundry rooms.

Some apartment buildings have already been asking residents to wear masks or face coverings, but now all operators will be required to adopt a face covering policy.

During the discussion councillors also brought up the issue of communication surrounding the by-law and exemptions to it.

Mayor Walter Sendzik will be bringing the issue to the Region to provide better education about people who cannot wear a mask due to medical or accessibility issues.