St. Catharines council votes to reopen some public pools

CKTB - NEWS - Pool swim

St. Catharines residents will have more options to cool off this summer as council votes to open a few pools.

During last night's meeting, council voted to open the Lincoln Park pool and both of the Port Dalhousie Pools following the extreme warm temperatures from last week.

A motion to reopen the Lion Dunc Schooley Pool was defeated because the pool requires some maintenance, including painting. 

Director of Community, Recreation, and Culture Services Phil Cristi explained, "It's not just about painting. Last summer we had quite a few incidents of people with small cuts to their feet because the paint was peeling. So that paint has to be addressed this year. And because of staining on the floor of the pool, it casts a shadow on the bottom of the pool - you're not supposed to have shadows at the bottom of the pool, you're supposed to have a bright white background so that the lifeguards and adequately supervise the pool and provide a safe environment."

Director of Engineering, Facilities, and Environmental Services Anthony Martuccio said it would take 6 - 8 weeks to have a contractor complete the repairs.

City staff will begin preparing to reopen the pools, but it could take several weeks.