St. Catharines declares a 'climate emergency'

climate change 2

St. Catharines city council has declared a `climate emergency`.

The declaration calls on the city to take action and protect the community from climate change.

Hamilton and Kingston are among several other cities that have taken a similar step.

Councillor Bruce Williamson says there is a need to follow up this with some action, "Burlington set targets to become zero carbon emissions by 2040, Hamilton is 2050, So I think we definitely need to put on some measurable quantifiable measurements to follow."

Mayor Walter Sendzik adds that the city has taken some steps already, "We have moved towards battery powered lawn equipment. Someone may consider that to be a small step, it's actually a big step because we are taking fossil fuels out of certain utilities that we are using." 

St. Catharines has already banned plastic straws and stir-sticks at city run facilities.