St. Catharines has cleared 99% of roads, asking residents to still keep cars off roads

car snow

St. Catharines says its S'no Parking program is still in effect.

The program, that bans parking on the road in some areas, is used to help crews clear streets of snow.

During the ban, residents are reminded that vehicles, parked on the roadways outside of exempted areas, are subject to a $30 ticket and towing. 

Director of Public Works in St. Catharines, Darrell Smith, tells CKTB they have now cleared 99% of roads, with only a few streets left to do.

Smith says the city had some issues this storm because they were using some contractors for the first time, who missed some roads.

He says most complaints now are dealing with making roads wider.

St. Catharines is now working on pushing snow back from the roads and hauling it away.

Smith says another issue is that residents have put snow from their driveway back onto the road, causing it to be impassable again.

He is urging parents to keep children away for snowbanks near the road, and discourage any kind of fort making in the snowbanks as drivers may not see children in the fort when using heavy machinery to remove it.