St. Catharines looking to halt paid parking for visitors at apartment buildings

St. Catharines City Hall

St. Catharines city councillors want to see rules for visitor parking at apartment buildings.

Council agreeing to ask the province to bring in legislation what would stop owners of buildings from charging for visitors.

Mayor Mat Siscoe says the issue is coming up frequently, "It is turning into a real concern for a lot of residents in the city because they have personal support workers and folks that are coming to offer services, folks that don't get paid particularly well, they are not making minimum wage but they are not a whole lot higher and they are being forced to pay for parking.'

Siscoe says council is asking the province to change the rules and allow the city to prohibit owners from charging visitors, "It's just fundamentally unfair and rightfully seen as a cash grab."

He also says he will be taking the issue to other big city mayors in the province to see if there are similar concerns in other communities.