St. Catharines MPP wants all vets to be able to get special poppy licence plate

licence plate cp gen

St. Catharines MPP Jennie Stevens wants all veterans to be able to have a special licence plate.

The issue was brought to light when a veteran tried to get the plate on his Green EV vehicle, and wasn't able to.

NDP member, Stevens tabled a motion today calling for the expansion of the veteran graphic licence plate to include all vehicle types.

“Honouring our veterans is a duty, not a choice. Our gratitude and recognition to the service of our veterans should not be limited by the type of vehicle they drive,” said Stevens.

She also wants the Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command to be consulted on the change.

“Will the Minister of Transportation work alongside me to honour our veterans: the exclusion of RVs and green electric vehicles from the Veteran Licence Plate Program. Today, I will table a clear solution—expand the program to all vehicle types”, said Stevens. “We owe it to our veterans, and to Sam, to ensure equal recognition for their service. Today, I call upon the Minister of Transportation to join me in closing what appears to be an oversight, but one that should be corrected.”

The Minister confirmed he would work with Stevens to make the changes.