St. Catharines MPP wants government to fast-track and expand testing at former GM site

CKTB-News-GM Ontario Street

St. Catharines MPP Jennie Stevens is urging the government to expedite and expand testing at the former GM plant site.

Stevens says the residents of St. Catharines had to wait almost six months for the results of the first round of testing, and the community needs the second round of testing to be analyzed without delay.

“We must expedite this testing. Residents deserve up to date information,” said Stevens at the Ontario legislature Thursday.
“Will this Ministry commit to expediting testing on the GM plant to provide the answers to the neighbourhoods in St. Catharines?,” Stevens asked the environment minister.

Stevens told the minister that the St. Catharines community is also asking for the ground and water surrounding the site to be tested for asbestos.
“The Ministry of Environment says it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour. While the Ministry of Labour says they don’t test unless the site is active. That’s not an answer - that’s red tape. The people of St. Catharines want the former GM lands clean. The mayor and the council want the former GM lands clean.”
“The community is raising fears about asbestos poisoning. Will this government commit here today to make an exception to include asbestos in their water testing so that the City of St. Catharines can move forward so we can redevelop?,” asked Stevens.