St. Catharines offers tax payment plan for residents experiencing hardships due to the pandemic

CKTB - NEWS - COVID-19 Taxes

The city of St. Catharines is offering some flexibility for tax payers facing financial challenges due to the pandemic.

City Council has approved a Special Pre-authorized Property Taxes COVID-19 Payment Plan allowing residents to pay their outstanding 2020 and 2021 property taxes over a 12-month period.

Owners and tenants using the program will be able to pay their outstanding 2020 tax amount and their 2021 taxes through equal instalments penalty and interest free.

The relief is available for tax payers who paid their taxes in full by February 28th, 2020 but are now experiencing hardship due to the pandemic.

Residents must be able to provide proof of financial hardships related to the pandemic.

Applications are due by January 29th.